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Dr. Christian (44)
<a href="">Dr. Christian (44)</a>
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    Price: $6.00
    Episode Log
    Dr.Christian 37-11-14 Steve and Charlotte Story (part).mp3
    Dr.Christian 37-11-21 Tanzy Story.mp3
    Dr.Christian 37-11-28 Susan and the Opera Singer.mp3
    Dr.Christian 37-12-05 Blind Boy.mp3
    Dr.Christian 37-12-12 Mother-In-Law.mp3
    Dr.Christian 37-12-19 Young Man Stole Car.mp3
    Dr.Christian 37-12-26 Woman Who Runs Dress Store.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-01-02 Kidnapped Husband.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-01-09 Auto Accident.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-01-16 Flood Story.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-01-23 Dog Story.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-01-30 New Store.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-02-06 Man with Paralyzed Arm.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-02-13 Widow Wants To Marry.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-02-20 War Story.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-02-27 Milk Racket pt.1.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-03-06 Milk Racket pt.2.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-03-13 Milk Racket pt.3.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-03-20 Prisoner's Child.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-03-27 Windy and Truth Pills.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-04-03 Harry Monroe and Scarf.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-04-17 Dishonest Boy.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-11-01 Dr.Christian for Mayor.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-11-08 Tony Donella.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-11-15 The Accident.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-11-22 Corner Store.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-11-29 Seeing Eye pt.1.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-12-13 Seeing Eye pt.2.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-12-20 Danny Gets Married.mp3
    Dr.Christian 38-12-27 Glamour Girl.mp3
    Dr.Christian 39-01-03 Neediest Case.mp3
    Dr.Christian 39-01-10 Guest of Honor.mp3
    Dr.Christian 39-01-17 Back to Youth.mp3
    Dr.Christian 39-01-24 Chains.mp3
    Dr.Christian 39-01-31 Music Box.mp3
    Dr.Christian 39-02-07 Have a Heart.mp3
    Dr.Christian 39-02-14 Angel Unaware (G-).mp3
    Dr.Christian 39-02-21 Washington Had His Delaware.mp3
    Dr.Christian 39-02-28 Puppy Love.mp3
    Dr.Christian 39-03-07 Bad Case of Quarantine.mp3
    Dr.Christian 39-03-14 Little Sweetheart.mp3
    Dr.Christian 39-03-21 Mr.Meeks.mp3
    Dr.Christian 44-11-01 The Substitute.mp3
    Dr.Christian 51-02-21 The Other One.mp3

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