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The Stan Freberg Show (18)
<a href="">The Stan Freberg Show (18)</a>
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    Episode Log

    Stan Freberg (record) Christmas Dragnet.mp3
    Stan Freberg (record) St.George and the Dragonet.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-07-08.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-07-14 Musical Sheep.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-07-21 Barbara Frichie.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-07-28 Miss Jupiter.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-08-04 Great Moments in History Paul Revere.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-08-11 Orville Arrives from the Moon.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-08-18 CBS Censor.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-08-25 The Lone Analyst.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-09-01 Good Humor man.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-09-08 Abominable Snowman Revisited.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-09-15 Build It Yourself Piano.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-09-22 College Football Report.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-09-29 Rocket Sled.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-10-06 All About Werewolves.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-10-13 Sponsored by Freberg.mp3
    Stan Freberg 57-10-20 Last Show, The Best Of.mp3

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